The Analytical Services unit is run by a team of specialists managed by Dr. Yehudit Amor, an expert in analytical biochemistry and in particular in glycoanalysis and cannabinoids analysis.

Through establishing, and operating for over a decade the Expert Glyco-Analytics Service Center at Procognia Ltd, Dr. Amor and her team gained vast experience in bioanalytical chemistry and maintained a successful track record as a service provider for world leading biopharmaceutical companies.

The unit operates at our facilities in Ashdod and complies with GMP guidelines as required by the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) for active pharmaceutical ingredients.



The Analytical Services unit offers expert glycoanalysis and protein chemistry testing services, tailored to meet the ICH requirements for all stages of biopharmaceutical development and production. Glycoanalysis services include:

N-link glycan analysis by HPLC

O-link glycan analysis by HPLC

Profiling and quantitative analysis of sialic acid (NeuAc and NeuGc)

Quantitative monosaccharaides analysis



Other protein chemistry analyses include (but are not limited to) oxidation, deamination, di-sulfide bond, charge variant and size exclusion analyses, as well as peptide mapping and identity assessments.

The Analytical Unit complements the wide range of services offered by Savyon to the pharma, biotech, IVD and life sciences community. Services include assay development, contract manufacturing and logistics, as well as QA and RA consulting.

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