Polyscharide Analysis


Glycosylation Plays an Important Role in Biopharmaceuticals as it affects Stability and half-life, Pharmacokinetics and, pharmacodynamics (PK/PD), Immunogenicity (e.g. Gal α, NGNA), Activity and drug Targeting The Glycosylation pattern on the protein can be affected by

  • Clone selection
  • Growth Media,
  • Fermentation conditions
  • Purification methods

Therefore should be Followed from the First Steps of Development

With over 15 years of experience in glycol-profiling of various pharmaceutical compounds for national pharma companies and start ups, GMP certified laboratory and a team of skilled team with expertise in chemistry, biology and biochemistry, Savyon offers expert glycoanalysis and protein chemistry testing services, tailored to meet the ICH requirements for all stages of biopharmaceutical development and production. Glycoanalysis services include

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