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Assisting you in transforming your concept into a product

Since its establishment in 1984, Savyon Diagnostics has accumulated extensive experience and broad know-how in developing, manufacturing and marketing of reagents and instrumentation for the clinical diagnostics community. Building upon our diverse experience in manufacturing, Savyon Diagnostics offers contract manufacturing and development services to Biotech companies varying from startups to medium and large enterprises.

We provide high quality products, efficient manufacturing schemes, regulatory affairs proficiency and dedicated personnel at all levels. Thus providing the highest level of competence in a cost effective manner.

As our skilled team of scientists developed and transferred to production a myriad of diagnostic tests over the past three decades, we also offer assay development services, including, but not limited to assay development, prototype design, scale-up, compilation of SOPs and preparation of technical files for regulatory purposes.

The perfect solution for your diagnostic and biotechnology production

  • High quality according to international standards
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Technical expertise
  • Quick time-to-market
  • Dedication to continuous improvement
  • Custom development and manufacturing

Our Manufacturing capabilities include the following:


Facilities Procedures Product Design Logistics
Environment controlled spaces (Class 10,000 and 1,000), Dry (<20% humidity) and wet (~50% humidity) rooms Sterile filtration

(uL to Liters)

Packaging Procurement
Fully automated ELISA microplate coating, blocking, drying and labeling line Bacterial, viral and protozoan culture Labeling Supplies
Fully Automated production line for Lateral flow tests Native and recombinant antigen production Manuals (print & digital) Temperature and humidity-controlled Storage
Automated microplate processor Coating of different surfaces ERP-controlled inventory
BL-3 Lab Biochemistry and Protein Purification


Worldwide transportation and shipping
Automatic dispensing and labeling Downstream Molecular Biology compartmentalization
Validated sterilization process Top-notch QA & RA services
Modern Training Center and demo lab


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