The heart of our technology is the NanoChip® electronic microarray; a tiny, bio-compatible silicon chip capable of rapid identification and precise multiplexed analysis of nucleic acids (DNA/RNA).

Naturally, DNA and RNA are negatively charged, thus by applying a positive current to specific electrodes on the chip, the system is capable of addressing such molecules to specific electrodes.

The NanoChip® system is an automated, multi-purpose instrument which is used for clinical molecular diagnostics. Clinical microbiology, genetics/cytogenetics and pathology laboratories use this convenient platform to identify pathogenic infections, carriage of genetic disorders, predisposition to diseases and response to pharmaceutical therapies.

The NanoCHIP® technology is intended for those users that require:

  • Medium-to high throughput
  • Multiplex molecular testing (over 4 markers/sample)
  • Automation
  • Simplicity
  • Full LIS connectivity

Thus, this innovative technology is suited for molecular laboratories in hospitals as well as reference and research laboratories and private molecular screening laboratories.