Load & Go 
PCR On board allows for loading the PCR plate, reagents and cartridge. Pressing START and that’s it…you are all set!
Friendly & Flexible
Very simple operation, including touch screen option
Up to 4 different assays in the same run and on the same cartridge
Improved robotics and optical mechanism- faster cartridge initalization allowing for shorter run time
Automated maintenance procedure and optical normalization


Instrument Specifications

Instrument Dimensions: Height: 0.56 m
Depth: 0.66 m
Width: 0.90 m
Instrument Weight: 105 kg
Voltage Rating: 100-120 or 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power capacity: 650W
Fuse: 250 VAC / 5A
Environmental Restrictions: Operating Ambient Temp: 18°C to 30°C
Operating Ambient Humidity: 40 to 80%
Altitude: up to 2000 m
Optics: Illumination Information:
Red LED: Excitation Wavelength = 626 nm
Green LED: Excitation Wavelength = 525 nm
Emission wavelength: 553 nm (green), 668 nm (red)
Filters: Red, Green, Neutral Density
Detection: CCD Camera and Board
Computer Specifications: Portwell PPC, Core 2 Dou processor
17 inch flat touch screen display



Catalog No Product name Tests/kit Approvals
800016 NanoCHIP XL analyzer N/A CE