The Savvygen™GI Shigella/EIEC test allows the qualitative detection of Shigella and EIEC by Real Time PCR in human feces. The product is intended for use in the diagnosis of Shigella and EIEC gastrointestinal infections alongside clinical data of the patient and other laboratory tests outcomes..

Shigellosis is caused by enteroinvasive E. coli (EIEC) as well as any species of the genus Shigella, namely, S. dysenteriae, S. flexneri, S. boydii, and S. sonnei and can produce inflammatory reactions and ulceration on the intestinal epithelium followed by bloody or mucoid diarrhea. Shigellosis is endemic in many developing countries and also occurs in epidemics causing considerable morbidity and mortality. Food is an important vehicle for human infection with Shigella spp. Foods implicated in human cases of shigellosis include fresh fruit and vegetables, raw oysters, deli meats and unpasteurized milk. Shigella spp are organisms that frequently get missed in the detection by traditional culture methods. Molecular diagnostic methods can overcome some of the shortcomings of culture methods. Several PCR protocols have been used for the detection of Shigella spp based on the amplification of the invasion plasmid antigen H (ipaH) gene sequence.

Savvygen™GI Shigella/EIEC test is a ready-to used test which contains in each well all the necessary reagents for Real Time PCR assay in a stabilized format. In addition, an internal control allows the detection of a possible reaction inhibition. The amplification of the target sequence is detected through the FAM channel whereas the internal control (IC) in HEX channel.

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605-01 Savvygen GI Shigella/EIEC 48 CE