The Savvygen™ STI Extraction Kit is an automatic extraction system for the isolation of high quality DNA from Urine, Genital / Vaginal or Cervical swab, EPS, Semen and LBC. This extraction kit is designed to use with the Nextractor® to provide high-yield and quality DNA from samples.

The Savvygen™ Nucleic Acid Extraction technology is based on magnetic beads isolating of nucleic acid (NA) from Biological samples. The basic of this method is the use of Silica beads, capable of binding the NA in the presence of a chaotropic agent. This method is simple, rapid, and reliable method for the small-scale purification of NA from Biological sample.


Fully Automated Extraction

Walk away system

High Throughput

Up to 48 Specimens at one run

48 Extractions in 15 minutes

Pre-filled Cartridge type of Reagent

Eight or 24 Extraction Cartridge

All Cartridge can be used simultaneously without and change of Hardware and software format


UV Lamp/Auto door Lock

7’ Touch Screen based User interface

Easy to operate without training

Pre-programmed and User define protocols