The SeroCT™ RT kit is based on the same unique combination of C. trachomatis species specific synthetic peptides that are used in the Savyon SeroCT™ kit. This combination enables the detection of species-specific antibodies without cross reaction of related antibodies, and therefore provides more accurate and specific determination of C.trachomatis IgG and IgA antibodies.

The SeroCT™ RT kit was designed as a user-friendly kit with a short and convenient procedure which demonstrates the following characteristics: 


  • High sensitivity in comparison to MIF
  • High Specificity when compared with MIF


  • Short procedure – only 90 minutes when performed manually, and 80 minutes when run on automation machine
  • All the incubations are performed at Room-Temperature without any need for an incubator or special environmental conditions 
  • Procedure is adapted and validated for automation machine

Easy To Use

  • Ready-To-Use Controls and Conjugate
  • Color coded reagents 
  • Break-apart plate

The SeroCT™ RT kits shares common reagents and procedure with SeroCP™ RT kits


Catalog No Product name Tests/kit Approvals
A1181-01 SeroCT RT IgG 96 CE 0483
A1183-01 SeroCT RT IgA 96 CE 0483