ELISA based serology is the main used approach for laboratory diagnosis with Pertussis toxin (PT) and filamentous hemagglutinin (FHA) as the preferred antigen combination.

The detection of specific IgA and IgM antibodies is indicative of acute infection and is useful for the differential diagnosis of pertussiform syndromes of longer duration. Infants do not regularly produce IgA antibody before 6 months of age therefore specific IgM antibodies may be used in infants as an indicator of acute infection. IgG antibodies can be used to diagnose active infection when paired sera are available and a rise in antibody level can be demonstrated.

The SeroPertussis™ product line utilized purified Bordetella pertussis extract, enriched with PT and FHA, as antigens for detecting specific antibodies for Bordetella pertussis in human serum.

SeroPertussis™ IgG is semi-quantitative assay using 3 ready to use calibrators P10, P50 and P100 – to draw a calibration curve correlating O.D. readings and aribitrary BU/ml units.

SeroPertussis IgA/IgM is a qualitative assay designed to provide flexibility in detecting IgA and/or IgM antibodies.

Catalog No Product name Tests/kit Approvals
A231-01 SeroPertussis IgG 96 CE
A233-01 SeroPertussis IgA/IgM 96 CE