The CoproStrip™ Giardia is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Giardia antigens in human faeces specimens to aid in the diagnosis of giardiasis.

Giardiasis is a diarrhoeal illness seen throughout the world. It is caused by a flagellate protozoan parasite, Giardia intestinalis, also known as G. lamblia and G. duodenalis. Giardia is a common cause of gastrointestinal disturbance in both high- and low-income countries. The incidence of Giardia is generally higher in low-income countries (e.g. many countries of Africa, Asia, and South and Central America) where access to clean water and basic sanitation is lacking. Nearly all children in this setting will acquire Giardia at some point in their childhood, and the prevalence of the parasite in young children can be as high as 10%-30%. In areas such as Western Europe and the United States of America, Giardia infection is associated with ingestion of contaminated water, person-to-person spread, recent foreign travel, and recreational swimming. Giardia may be a cause of 2%-5% of cases of diarrhoea in high-income countries.

Savyon’s CoproStrip Giardia is a one-step immunochromatographic test for rapid detection of Giardiasis antigens in fecal specimens. The test utilizes specific antibodies directed against Giardia lamblia. cysts and trophozoite  providing high levels of sensitivity and specificity. Results are obtained within 15 minutes and do not require additional reagents and instrumentation.

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41217 CoproStrip Giardia 20 CE