DipStreak CLED/MacConkey Urine Culture Device


DIPSTREAK ® Urine Culture Device (UCD) is a convenient, semi-quantitative screening culture device for inoculating and transporting urine samples as well as for detecting, enumerating and identifying specific bacteria in urine.

A unique streaking mechanism permits the isolation of single colonies even when the original bacterial population of the sample was as high as 108 organisms per milliliter.

The device is intended for use in physicians’ office laboratories and clinical laboratories as an aid in the diagnosis of urinary tract infection (UTI).

Following incubation, the number of bacterial colonies is compared with the Colony Density Chart to determine the colony forming units per ml (CFU/ml) of bacteria in the urine sample.

MACCONKEY agar is a selective and differential medium giving an excellent differentiation between coliforms and non-lactose fermenters of Gram-negative rods with inhibition of Gram-positive cocci.

Cat #BD-914


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