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Savyon diagnostics offers a comprehensive portfolio of RT-PCR based assays for detection of specific DNA/RNA signatures associated with infectious pathogens together with an automated extraction systems allowing simple and rapid workflow from samples to results. Our 70 min sample to results solution for small to medium laboratories includes a 15 min benchtop extractor with ready to use reagent cassette and ready to use RT-PCR kits

The Savvygen RT-PCR line is also compatible with other common manual and automated extraction system to allow modularity and rapid implementation




Savyon Diagnostics offers a wide portfolio of Real Time PCR tests. Savyon’s RT-PCR SAVVYGEN product line includes a wide range of tests for the detection of Gastrointestinal Pathogens, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Respiratory Tract Infections and Tropical Diseases


  • User friendly – Setup time < 5min
  • Results obtained in 60min
  • Full compatibility with most common RT-Thermocyclers
  • Compatibility with most manual and automated DNA extraction techniques
  • Integrated internal control guarantees appropriate validated results



The Savvygen extraction kits are to be used with the Savvygen Extractor instrument to provide high yield and quality nucleic acid.


  • Validated with Savvygen
    RT-PCR kits
  • 22 min fully automated protocol
  • Simultaneous extraction of 1-48 samples

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