Microbiology tests play a pivotal role in diagnosing infectious diseases and guiding treatment decisions. Accurate interpretation of results informs physicians on appropriate antimicrobial therapy, aiding in patient management and infection control. Savyon offers innovative tool to support and improve the diagnostic process of microbiology laboratories

Culturing Devices


Microbiology testing can be simple and accurate.  Savyon Diagnostics patented culturing devices allow for the semi-automated inoculation of urine specimens right at the point of collection.  This means that by the time the sample arrives at the laboratory, it is already inoculated and ready for incubation, saving both time and labor for the lab technician. Savyon’s culturing devices not only simplify the urine culture process but also allow for numerating and differentiation of bacterial species


  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Saves  labor

Dedicated Support



Our dedicated support team stands alongside our exceptional in vitro diagnostic solutions.

Our commitment to quality ensures that healthcare professionals receive reliable diagnostics, setting new standards in patient care. Our technical team guarantees quick and easy implementation of our products. Our sales team are available to respond to commercial needs. We are here to listen, process and offer our assistance to the customers’ requirements.

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