Savvycheck Vaginal Yeast Infection Test


The Vaginal Yeast Test is a rapid lateral flow-based assay for qualitative detection of Candida spp. antigens in cervical secretions sampled by a swab.

Vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) is thought to be one of the most common causes of vaginal symptoms. Approximately, 75% of women will be diagnosed with Candida at least once during their lifetime.  40-50% of them will suffer from recurrent infections and 5% are estimated to develop chronic Candidiasis.  Candidiasis is more commonly misdiagnosed than other vaginal infections (trichomonas and bacterial vaginosis).  Symptoms of VVC which include: acute itching, vaginal soreness, irritation, rash on the outer lips of the vagina and genital burning that may increase during urination, are nonspecific.  Clinicians should keep in mind that a broad variety of infectious and non-infectious diseases can cause a similar array of symptoms.

The Vaginal Yeast Test is a point-of-care test for qualitative detection of Candida cervical secretion swabs within 10-20 minutes. It is an important advance in improving the diagnosis of women with VVC.


  • Results obtained within 10 minutes
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • No cross reactivity with other pathogens
  • Easy to use one step device
  • Detection of 5 Candida spp.
  • 20 Tests/kit


Cat# 41013


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