The SeroMP™ product line is Savyon Diagnostics’ third generation kits for semi quantitative determination of antibodies to Mycoplasma pneumoniae in human serum. The assay utilizes as antigen a unique membrane preparation of M. pneumoniae that contains enriched P1 membrane protein. Semi quantitation of the results is obtained by testing the kits’ 3 calibrators – P10, P50 and P75.  A complete antibodies profile allows for better diagnosis and treatment.

SeroMP™ IgM – the presence of IgM antibodies is indicative of an acute infection in a single serum.
SeroMP™ IgG – a significant increase in the titer between two samples collected at a 2-4 weeks interval, indicates a recent infection.
SeroMP™ IgA – has a significant diagnostic value for the elderly population. New evidence reveals that the presence of IgA contributes to optimal detection of current MP infection, including reinfection.

Catalog No Product name Tests/kit Approvals
A261-01 SeroMP IgG 96 CE
A262-01 SeroMP IgM 96 CE
A263-01 SeroMP IgA 96 CE
B261-01 SeroMP IgG 192 CE
B262-01 SeroMP IgM 192 CE
B263-01 SeroMP IgA 192 CE